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Mobile Applications

MC Systems has been assisting in the process of getting consumers to accept the reliability of mobile transactions thru the introduction of mobile applications firstly for customers of the telecommunications entities. As the market matures in the use of mobile devices for transaction processing, customers must feel a sense of reliability, performance and security in the systems being used.

Mobile transactional applications allow for the creation of a new distribution channels for goods and services, drives brand awareness and consumer loyalty, increase profitability or generating revenue, and provides a new way to engage consumers. As the market’s acceptance of this technology and its security and reliability become second nature MC Systems is developing new transactional applications that will define consumer behavior in the years to come.

Mobile Top-up

MC Systems developed the first recharge service for the Telecommunications industry opening up yet another convenient and effective channel for customers to access phone credit. Top-up is a recharging service where you can add call minutes instantly to prepaid mobile phones.

This has benefited not only the telecommunications industry, but opened up opportunities for small business entrepreneurs and provided customers with greater access to phone credit. This has eliminated all the hassles of going to a specific vendor/ distributor and purchasing top up cards or vouchers.

This service has proven to be:

  • Reliable;
  • Convenient;
  • Simple, and
  • Allows for the gifting of airtime to loved ones
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