Success Stories
Your success is our business

We could spend all day telling you how great our solutions are; but we are sure that you would rather hear from our customers instead.

These are their stories about how that great idea yielded positive results.


“We used the Audit & Analytics software, to analyse large volumes of data from which Management made key decisions. The software found areas of weaknesses for them to address and make corrections, which resulted in increased efficiencies.”

Sharon Chambers-Hinds, Chief Internal Auditor, Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ)

“MC Systems knows technology. They developed an online portal that allows customers to send remittances to their loved ones from anywhere with an internet connection using their debit or credit cards. The website is fast, convenient and secure.”

Gabriel Heron, Business Development Manager, JN Money

“We have used the Audit & Analytics software for the past six years and we are reaping the benefits. Our Payroll audit is taking less time and we can use the resources to look at other critical areas.”

Richard Dillon, Chief Internal Auditor, Ministry of Finance, Jamaica

“The Audit &  Analytics software is money well spent as the benefits far outweighs the cost. I would recommend it to anybody who is serious about quality results. MC Systems offers the best innovative technology solutions with big name partners that make your job that much easier.”

Lisa Cousins, Partner, Crowe Howarth Jamaica

“The Audit &  Analytics software made it possible for us to work smarter, not harder.  It has improved the process and work by making our jobs easier.”

Patrice Mitchell, Assistant VP, Internal Auditing, National Water Commission (NWC), Jamaica

“MC Systems has a reputation of being a company of firsts with technology advances. Their expertise helped us develop several firsts; cash deposit, cash recycling and card-less transactions at the ATMs, giving us that competitive edge.”

Ricardo Dystant, Head of e-Business, JN Bank
From demonstrated expertise in developing business solutions, we are proud partners with leading global information technology providers throughout the English-speaking Caribbean. As a result, we are able to offer our customers leading edge technology.