Michele Leyow
Logistics Supervisor

Michele puts the ‘M’ in ‘meek’, ‘meticulous’ and ‘motherly’, as she navigates the streets of innovation with her crew of four, steering capably as Logistics Supervisor.

How did she end up on this route? Michele started out on the avenue of accounting, obtaining her Association of Accounting Technician certification from the College of Arts, Science and Technology (now known as the University of Technology) and moving towards certification for the Association of Chartered Accountants at the Management Institute of National Development.

“Be patient with yourself.” Michele Leyow

Passion, excitement, new technology and gadgets popped up on Michele’s radar and she took a detour; entering the world of Information Technology, first serving as a personal assistant. A now 23-year veteran in the IT industry, she focuses primarily on purchasing, warehousing and logistics.

Let’s reverse to her first day at MC Systems. A very nervous Michele Leyow, showed up extremely early and waited patiently until her boss arrived. She did not receive a formal orientation but she quickly drove up the learning curve after being taken through a crash course by her manager. Since her first day, she has switched locations but definitely hasn’t switched gears!

Fast forward to today, Michele has spent the last 11 years with MC Systems, going above and beyond her call of duty to get the job done while keeping her team focused and informed. Though, not as nervous these days, she finds other ways to balance other challenges of her duties. She’s especially welcoming of any opportunity to make a U-turn from her comfort zone, turning a ‘mountain of challenges’ to ‘mission accomplished’. She has been empowered by the growth in her responsibilities, moving her from localized processes to more regional operations.
When she’s not mobilizing her team, processing orders or responding to emails, Michele can be found glued to her Kindle, catching up on her reading. What gives her an edge? Humility, tolerance and efficiency!

Let’s add another ‘M. Mountains! Michele calms her mind by looking at the highlands and ocean and listening to nightingales in the morning. She finds true joy in long hugs from her son; crunchy, warm popcorn; anything flavoured with cheese and listening to “Mi Cologne” by Jahdore!
Her advice to young people? “Be patient with yourself.” For Michele, it’s simple, taking a leap of faith has awarded her with the career opportunity of a lifetime, while being allowed to be who she truly is: a sister, a daughter and a mom.