Ramiro Allen
Senior Software Developer

“Dedication and commitment are what transfer dreams to realities.” Unknown

As fluent in coding as he is in English and Spanish, Ramiro believes programming is an international language, easy to understand and able to help any business be profitable. With early dedication to computers and information systems, Ramiro bring to MC Systems what an innovative company needs most expertise and commitment to getting the job done.

Responsible for most of the innovation in the technology world, MC Systems knows the value of software developers. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry, and facilitate continuous training with the latest skills that have always allowed us to better service our new and existing clients.

“I came to Jamaica from Cuba to work in the I.T. industry, and when I started working here I saw many opportunities for my growth. At MC Systems, training is important and I was eager to get more certification and they provided that. As a team, we are always researching for new solutions and seeing how we can continue to lead the industry ininnovation and our way of offering value to our customers.” Ramiro Allen

Having written code since the fourth grade, I.T. is second nature to Ramiro. With a master’s degree from the University of Havana, he is also a Microsoft-certified Technology Specialist and expert in programming and operating systems.

“I moved to Jamaica to give myself and now my family a better way of life. Working at MC Systems gives me the chance to contribute to businesses working better, and with training always available, I’m always at my best. Each customer is different and although they may have similar issues to others, at MC Systems, we take the time to figure out the glitches and ensure it’s the best fit.” says Ramiro.

After his days in the office, Ramiro relaxes by spending time with his wife and two young children. “We spend a lot of time together as a family, we go to the park or play outside. When I get time for myself, I enjoy playing basketball and watching the NBA!”