Tamique Hines
Senior Manager – Software Development

Tamique’s favourite part of her job is the very moment after she and her team have been presented with an especially technical challenge, that ‘AHA!’ moment when they find the best possible solution to satisfy their clients.

Armed with a MSc degree in Management Information Systems, and having worked at the ‘Big Blue’ aka IBM, she has built a career with almost two decades of industry experience that she is able to apply to each project. While she has enjoyed her move into management, she still savours what for her is the art of programming code, which she shares with her team of developers.

“You experience a high. Writing code is a creative process and at the end you see how something you made is going to be used to make your customer’s life and day-to-day business processes easier.” Tamique Hines

For someone whose original career goal was to become a member of the medical profession, it was practical advice from her mother that led her to be what is a rarity even in Silicon Valley: a girl who codes.

“I was surprised how much I took to I.T. from the outset. I have a thirst for knowledge, and the changing I.T. environment really appealed to me at the time. Thirteen years after joining MC Systems, changes are still coming at us and I’m still loving every minute of it. My team is very supportive, and we have fun together. I would encourage women to enter the field, we can do anything!” adds Tamique

During her free time, Tamique keeps her active mind busy with family, hobbies, and of course, learning new things, how to sew her son’s costumes for his school shows and developing her love for photography. “Once I get home from work, it’s homework with my son, dinner with family and trying to catch up on the day’s activities.”