William Dewar
AGM Operations and Customer Service

The day to day productivity of any business carries with it a long to-do list.Taking responsibility for two of its core elements, Operations and Customer Service,  must involve a limitless number of tasks. If it does, then William is not showing it. He is the man to call, always available to colleagues with a ready attitude and even tone.

MC Systems, with its suite of solutions, has a reputation of giving customers exactly what they need, from that initial meeting to training staff, installation and maintenance of equipment. Behind the scenes there are of course details to be worked out. The details are what William enjoys most.

“We’re the innovation partner to go to because we empower our consumers with the right products and services to ensure they are the leaders in their industries. And we do so based on our knowledge and taking the time to show options to help meet your requirements. We have long term relationships with our customers because we offer them value they can see, we provide the solutions they need to make their business happen.” William Dewar

Always a quick learner, William not only entered high school before time but has always been interested in learning and maintaining his edge above the competition. With a career path that includes marketing, he has certifications from Cisco, Hewlett-Packard and in project management, sales and marketing.

He adds, “I like to deal with challenges and offer solutions and put systems and processes in place to ensure the same issues don’t happen again. After a decade at MC Systems, we still find ways to differentiate ourselves from others in the industry. We’re nimble and focused on the big picture, not just a quick fix and we’re willing to change course if necessary. MC Systems is always looking ahead and offering our customers new ways to use technology.”

With such a busy schedule, William uses his time away from the office to relax and regroup. An avid world traveller, he’s visited every continent except Africa, a gap which he hopes to bridge soon. “Once I’m home I’ll watch a movie. I like all types once it’s a good movie or I’ll tune in to a music station and enjoy my free time. I read a lot and I’m pretty sure that I’ve read every John Grisham novel.”