Big business resources to help SMEs grow
Big business resources to help SMEs grow

Chad Gordon, Commercial Manager – Payroll Solutions

Since 1973, we have been solving payroll problems for companies in Jamaica. For the past 45 years, we have been studying, learning and creating solutions in payroll that have improved said services and the bottom line of hundreds of companies in Jamaica.

We create technology for people that is easy to use, relevant and meaningful to what you do.

Do you experience any of the following challenges?

  • Are you manually processing payroll instead of focusing on your core business?
  • Is this costing you too much time and/or money to do?
  • Are you at times non-compliant by missing tax payments?
  • Maybe, a few times, you have miscalculated employees’ contributions?

We have a payroll solution specifically for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Introducing BizPay Central, which has been updated with exciting features, that will enhance how you currently do payroll.

This payroll solution creates value for SMEs in several ways:

  • It’s affordable on any budget
    • Starting at around J$2,000 a month, SMEs can now process payroll, access and utilise resources similar to what a big business would use.
    • For J$2,000 a month, SMEs will benefit from
      • 100% accuracy in tax calculations for any scenario
      • Daily back up of data
      • Access to expert support as there will be someone at MC Systems to call on and you will not be left on your own.
    • If there are any Government policy changes to tax thresholds or calculations, this will be managed by MC Systems – one less thing for SMEs to worry about.
    • Work smarter, not harder by going online at click on BizPay Central Portal and process your payroll from anywhere, anytime, end to end, with just a few clicks.
    • Generate bank upload files for your employees’ net pay for any of the major banks.
    • Automated emailing of pay slips to employees.
    • Manage multiple companies and payrolls from one user account.
    • Accommodates both hourly-based and task-based pay.
    • Generate annual return S02, upload files, already in TAJ ready format.

At MC Systems, we do it for the value and not for the price.

Very importantly, if people don’t matter, the technology doesn’t matter.

We take that seriously at MC Systems and we advocate putting options and opportunities firmly and literally in the hands of your people.

We know what’s next in payroll technologies and we are ready, when you are!

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