We Know Payroll
We Know Payroll

By Chad Gordon, Commercial Manager – Payroll Solutions

As we create tech for people, we have to make sure the tech is easy to use, relevant and meaningful to what you do.

Couple questions for you….

  • Are you missing tax payments?
  • Maybe you have miscalculated employee contributions, a couple times?
  • How about this: are you spending a lot of time monitoring additional payments to staff such as overtime?

No matter the size or age of your business, we have a payroll solution for you.

For those who are using our solutions, you know that we started solving payroll problems for companies in Jamaica in 1973. So for the last 45 years we have been studying, learning and creating solutions in payroll that have improved the HR services and the bottom line of over 300 companies in Jamaica.

Over that time we have built out our suite which now includes:

Payroll Bureau ServicesBizPay Central which have been updated with exciting features that will enhance how SMEs currently do Payroll, BizPay Enterprise and BizPay Cash our revolutionary, first time in Jamaica, mobile Payroll loan app.

With our Bureau Services you have access to:

  • End-to-end payroll processing, with payroll data entry and processing;
  • Preparation of monthly statutory deductions;
  • Salary lodgments with ACH;
  • Preparation of annual returns;
  • Retention of Payroll records and production of periodic and year-end reports.

With BizPay Central you get:

  • 24/7 access to payroll services and all you require is internet access;
  • The freedom of not buying computer hardware;
  • No worries about data backup;

Our BizPay Enterprise service is installed at your company and it offers:

  • Multiple runs within a period;
  • Emailed payslips;
  • Multiple pension schemes for company and individual schemes;
  • Seamless integration with HR Systems;

With MC Systems you can get end-to-end payroll services accessible online or on your premises. And you can access our payroll auditing services and/or analytics services to provide better decision-making information for your company.

We have seen and created the technologies that have kept our products and services relevant and up-to-date, as businesses have evolved with the changing and discerning demands of customers and stakeholders.

Yet, despite all the advancements in payroll technology, which will provide equal benefit to employers and employees alike, the thing that continues to set MC Systems apart from other service providers is the compliance with the tax laws of Jamaica.

The payroll services that the company sells comes Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ)ready, complete with all the applicable allowances and relevant protocols that are also future-proof, keeping pace with the latest developments in payroll tax.

TAJ’s RAis technology is designed to ensure compliance of every piece of legislation that’s on the books. In recent times the entity has been moving many of its statutory payments to virtual environment and has been continuously improving its platform to do much more.

And from one innovator to another I want to say, on behalf of my team at MC Systems, “congratulations” to the TAJ for leading the charge in implementing technology that’s – easy to use, relevant and meaningful – tech that’s fit for people.

In effect, TAJ has created an enabling environment for new payroll technologies to be introduced, remain relevant, yet compliant, so that both the employer and employee can rest easy.

Speaking of easy!We have upgraded our BizPay Central platform to make the services easier, more seamless for our customers. Our Small and Medium Enterprise customers, especially, can now access big business resources to help them grow.

At MC Systems, we know payroll tech!

We know how to deliver payroll in different formats to serve various business types and sizes.

We know how to audit your payroll as a means of using the technology to  strengthen the compliance and governance structures within your company.

We know how to pull data from your payroll and use business intelligence and analytics to convert that into important business-critical decision.

We know what’s next in payroll technologies and we are ready, when you are!

Very importantly, if people don’t matter, the tech doesn’t matter.

We take that seriously at MC Systems and we advocate putting options and opportunities firmly and literally in the hands of your people.

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