MC Systems understands that your customers value time, convenience and accessibility.  Let us make that happen for you with our ATM value added experience.
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1st Cardless cash deposits
ATM Machines

With a general demand for cash anytime and often anywhere, customers need easy, reliable and secure access to their funds. The solution…..ATMs……which are:

  • Everywhere
  • Open 24/7/365, unlike bank branches.
  • There are no queues (or very few people in the line).

Our is Diebold CS 5500 series Cash Dispenser lets your customers make withdrawals with zero hassle:

  • Front or rear load dispenser
  • Active dispenser
  • Withdrawals of up to 50 notes
  • Money low indicator
  • Consumer awareness mirrors
  • Anti-card trapping functionality
  • Encrypting PIN pad

Our Diebold CS 3700 series Cash Recycler offers you a full function solution able to accommodate your high volume of customers. By integrating cash lodgements, you’re able to process more transactions with less downtime and better cash management costs. Our hardware offers maximum flexibility, excellent customer experience and allows your staff to focus on other areas of their job. There’s more:

  • Secure card reader
  • Multiple currency support
  • Ability to determine your limits
  • Recycle up to eight denominations
  • Manage allotments
  • Up to 200 notes per merchant deposit
  • 15-inch screen with or without function keys
  • Active check for deposits
  • Expedited transactions

Reliability is key, something MC Systems understands all too well. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical team goes above and beyond to maximize ATM availability for your customers by minimizing the downtime related to service and hardware issues.

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ATM Value Added Services

First to market with numerous technologies, MC Systems offers you add-ons to your ATM Machines, making it that much easier to serve your customers better:

  • Bill payments
  • Cardless cash deposits
  • Loan repayments
  • Marketing messages on receipts
  • On-screen personal and targeted marketing messaging
  • Multiple transactions – lodge cheques and cash at the same time
  • Your customers’ cheque deposits reflected in their account in real time

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Our Partner - Diebold

Develops, implements and services the world’s most advanced self-service and security solutions primarily for the Financial sector but has successfully introduced this technology to the retail, pharmacy, government and gaming markets.