Success Stories

We could spend all day telling you how great our solutions are; but we are sure that you would rather hear from our customers instead.

These are their stories about how that great idea yielded positive results.


“BizPay Cash eliminated the obligation to maintain a pool of funds since staff loans from the mobile application are funded by a financier. This allowed us to manage cash flow more effectively while presenting an additional opportunity to redirect funds to other key areas of the business in order to accelerate revenue-driving activities, increasing our chance at business continuity.”

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Sandra McFarquhar Gonzales, Operations Manager, Antilles Tyres

“BizPay Central has been very crucial in dealing with the statutory, other various taxes and the management of our payroll. It gives me more time to do other things because having a database management system other than having regular spreadsheets and doing it manually is very effective because time is very important to me. When it comes on to doing the payroll; I need to get it done, checked and ready to pay everyone on time.”

Drew Gayle, Internal Auditor – Solid Life and General Insurance Broker

“I was informed that within less than 24hr I would be able to get the cash I needed and so said, so done – to me, that’s value.”

Denesha Minott, Treasurer – Intcomex

“Within a couple seconds, my loan was approved on a Saturday. If you are in a spot, BizPay cash is there for you.”

Daniel Golding, Sales Professional – Intcomex

“It was so quick and easy. Within a minute the loan was approved. BizPay cash has worked for me, it has worked for my colleagues and it surely can work for you.”

Christopher Moodie , Service Technician – Intcomex

“We started our partnership with MC Systems over 15 years ago and to date we continue to enjoy flawless interaction and great customer service. Continental Garage Ltd chose BizPay Central because of the ease of use.  I would encourage SME’s to choose an effective payroll solution, we chose BizPay Central, it works!.”

Egan Stewart – Financial Controller, Continental Motors’

“MC Systems has a reputation of being a company of firsts as technology advances. Their expertise helped us develop several firsts; cash deposit, cash recycling and card-less transactions at the ATMs, giving us that competitive edge.”

Ricardo Dystant, Chief – Channels, JN Bank

“We have used this solution for the past six years, resulting in our Payroll audit taking less time allowing us to use the resources to look at other critical areas.”

Richard Dillon, Chief Internal Auditor, Ministry of Finance, Jamaica