Core Banking Platform
Transforming Finance. Rise Above the Rest.

Today, financial institutions face some of the most exciting and challenging times.  As technology advances, behaviours change and emerging markets provide growth, there are several opportunities for the financial industry to feel confident about. However, performance and profitability are commonly hindered due to decades of legacy solutions that have become complex and inefficient for today’s market and consumers.

Rise above the rest with Phoenix International core banking platform, built with Microsoft technology, which adopts an enterprise scale approach. It integrates with the existing infrastructure, making the once complicated, simple. At the heart of Phoenix International core banking software, is a high-performance transaction processing and account servicing engine that takes full advantage of a unified platform. The open architecture on which the Phoenix International database is built, securely affords open and easy access to customer and account data.

Uniquely, Phoenix International houses non-core modules like Teller, Collections, Relationship Pricing and Card Management all in one place. This approach ensures consistent customer information is available throughout the entire business and allows you to build in-depth customer profiles beyond industry standard. It uses Microsoft technologies throughout every tier of the architecture, from the development environment to the user experience, integration to the database and server operating system.

With the extension of Phoenix International to omni channel solutions from MC Systems and strategic partnerships, channel transformation is affordable and will continue to provide cost savings throughout the business over time, whilst improving operational efficiency and service. Transformation has been simplified.

Phoenix International gives you the opportunity to rise above the competition, digitally transform your business and deliver superior customer service, at an affordable price with superior support. Futureproofing your success has never been simpler.

Risk Management
  • Adding and maintaining customer information is simplified, improving usability for teams.
  • Storage of a wide range of customer data can be used for relationship management and marketing.
  • Monitor credit risk and concentration levels within the portfolio.
  • Teams enabled to make decisions based on analysis from reports they create themselves, providing format flexibility and customisation in order to make informed decisions.
  • Accelerated decision making is possible due to multiple report generation options, using real time data.
Self Service
  • Phoenix enables customers to open, manage and complete transactions when and where they choose.
  • Mobile and Internet services provide lower cost transactions with real time convenience.
Branch Automation
  • Teller processing is significantly improved by managing transactions within one cohesive system and by providing up to date customer information in real time.
  • The module can also operate in an offline environment for greater flexibility.
  • Phoenix enables customers to seamlessly make Person-to-Person (P2P) payments and Account-to-Account (A2A) transfers.
  • 360 Account holder view from dashboard enables easier payment management.
Setting you up for success

Digital transformation in today’s financial institutions is essential in order to deliver against changing customer needs and behaviour whilst reducing costs and improving stability and experience.

The power of Phoenix is amplified exponentially when integrated with MC Systems specialised solutions. We will consult with you to select the right solutions, engage the necessary support to build the perfect system for your individual needs and budget.

And it doesn’t stop when we go live. We understand that it’s not enough to have the best solutions, our team provides guidance and support during the entire digital transformation. We will work with you to adapt and evolve your solutions over time as your business grows.

By providing innovative products your customers want and reducing friction within the operational functions and legacy software, together, Phoenix International and MC Systems allow you to concentrate on driving success.

Start your transformation today. Connect with us to create a solutions strategy that will digitally transform the future of your business.