Human Resource Management (HRM)

With the rapid increase in the number of remote offices and workspaces, several businesses are challenged with providing an ideal staff experience while driving operational efficiency. Companies now find themselves struggling to discover best-fit tools and technologies to uphold a high standard of positive experiences for employees, while they face the challenge of remaining resilient through disruption.


Your employees are the keystone of your organization! The HRM platform seamlessly centralizes employee data, leverages analytics to bolster decision making and allows employees to provide “self-service,” reducing the workload of your key HR personnel while increasing capacity to focus on other core tasks and, ultimately,  futureproofing business success.

The solution was developed to help optimize your employee processes, while effortlessly overseeing leave management, time & attendance, recruitment, onboarding and performance from one user-friendly platform. Performance management is a key determinant in maintaining excellent employee experience. It is essential to define roles, tasks and goals within an organization.

Our HRM platform can be seamlessly integrated with our BizPay Central Payroll platform giving businesses the ability to access all necessary HR tools from anywhere, anytime.

The functionalities extend to both employers and employees to include access to real-time reporting, the ability to track staff requests as well as automated letter generation for milestone events.

Digitally transform your business from the inside out!

  • Multi-channel employee self-service via platform or mobile
  • Supervisor access to real-time employee reports
  • Advanced performance tracking by objectives and key results
  • Recruitment module can be integrated with LinkedIn and job boards, creating custom recruitment onboarding & flows
System Administration

Leveraging technology to usher HR into the future of work.

  • Utilize employee self-serve functionalities
  • Customise supervisor and administrator privileges
  • Define user roles for specific purposes or to access specific functionalities
  • Improve data security and authentication
  • Receive automated reminders or notifications
  • Extract up-to-date reports in CSV format
  • Customize platform settings to suit your organization
  • Utilize BizPay integrations
Personnel Information Management

Enjoy an evolved employee information management process!

  • Create an employee database with individualized employee profiles
  • Access employee job and salary history from one platform
  • Define custom employee reports
Leave Management

Oversight of the employee leave process made efficient through digital.

  • Create custom leave/time-off types
  • Define parameters for leave types
  • Specify leave periods
  • Comprehensively view dates of employee absence by month or year
Time & Attendance Management

Innovative technology transforming your attendance tracking.

  • Grant employees’ access to a timesheet portal for efficient data uploads and approval
  • Record all punch in and punch out data with no hassle
  • Integrate with a biometric attendance system
  • Create comprehensive timesheet and attendance reports
HR & Brand Management

Stay on brand! With our solution there is no need to neglect brand identity.

  • Customize a dashboard to display employee attendance, performance and benefit information
  • Access up-to-date HR policy documentation
  • Create a corporate directory
  • Grant employee ready access to company news and policies
  • Create assets using vendor, brand and service information and assign them to employees
  • Track asset usage history
  • Track system-wide personal information changes
  • Rebrand platform with custom themes and logos
Positioned for Promoting Productivity

Technology plays a critical role in providing best-in-class support for your staff.  As an employer who is aligned with business continuity and resilience, you are tasked with discovering and utilizing the best technologies to keep your employees satisfied and your processes efficient.

HRM provides you with the opportunity to leverage the power of automation and integration to increase staff responsiveness, keeping them informed and engaged. Now, essential documents, information and requests are literally at their fingertips!

Connect with us to discover the evolution of employee support that drives productivity and exponential growth.

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