Colin McGann
AGM Innovation

“Research is creating new knowledge.” Neil Armstrong

Being responsible for research in an industry as fast paced as information systems and programming would, for the rest of us, be as daunting as trying to keep up with Usain Bolt on the final leg of the 4x100m relay. But, after three decades with MC Systems, thriving under this pressure comes second nature to Colin.

Like many long serving members of the team he began as a software developer, a skill he continues to improve upon while also leading our research team.  Keeping up-to-speed with world-class innovative solutions, conferring and exchanging ideas with team members is part of the process Colin sees as integral in being able to deliver maximum insights and value to our clients.

“I love working for a Jamaican company, one that believes in being on the cutting edge of technology. We have bright people solving big problems. Throughout my time here, the company has never been stagnant. MC Systems is constantly re-inventing itself and we do things no one else does. We’ve been first to market with new technologies, that has kept my mind active.” Colin McGann

Colin fell in love with technology from his university days, and has been key to developing several mission critical systems for the Government of Jamaica and numerous large Caribbean businesses. Most recently he honed his expertise in overseeing the roll-out of enterprise level applications in partnership with Microsoft.

“Once I interfaced with programming and software development, it was a hit with me. What interest me are the challenges, how is it we look at ways to not only use our technology skills, but find ways to apply it within the context of each client and their needs or industry. Innovation is thriving in Jamaica.” Colin concludes.

When not with us at MC Systems, Colin balances being a self-confessed chocoholic with spending time in the gym, for him, keeping fit is a natural complement to exercising his mind at work. A keen traveler, he’s visited Thailand, Japan, Tokyo, France, Germany and India.