Dodgry Newell
Senior Business Development Manager

Dodgry’s philosophy is hinged on the fact that “every task in life requires effort on the part of the person that is called to perform it.”

Selling solutions and services is not simply about delivering a unit and moving on, it’s about the value our customers derive from what we sell. For Dodgry, our powerful data analytic tool, Audit Command Language (ACL), is just that, valuable. Passionate about this scalable system that has improved customer efficiency by over 60%, he is on a personal mission to spread the benefits across the Caribbean.

What makes Dodgry so committed? With a zeal for life and all it has to offer, he made a career change after becoming fascinated with technology. A natural conversationalist, he easily engages and empathises with clients. Dodgry firmly believes in identifying the problems that they face and applying ways, using CAAT to resolve them. He equips himself with enough knowledge of the industry as Audit & Analytics is very much part of what he lives and breathes.

“I love that we have the chance to create real value for our customers by helping them to make better decisions. MC Systems is transforming the approach to audit with the effective use of technology in aggregating and analysing 100% data. It has yielded astonishing results for real-time decision making and reporting. Our peers may want to think that all the weekend was spent in the office. Fraud could be taking place and you just cannot see it because of the lack of an “x-ray“ data analytic tool like ACL. Auditors want to be key in assisting the organization to eliminate errors and abuses and enhance reputation and confidence.” Dodgry G. Newell

Dodgry admits to being fascinated by business processes and has acquired a range of qualifications ranging from an MBA in International Business, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Professional Management as well as Certificates in ACL Certified Courses. Applied with his working education, he has an especially keen understanding of what it takes behind the scenes to operate a successful business.

Dodgry adds, “it’s at least ten years now with MC Systems and I’m absolutely happy that I made that transition to information technology and have the opportunity to represent an interesting product like ACL.  As auditing is a universal need, I get to help a range of different businesses.”

Dodgry is married, a minister and an international public speaker who admits that his other great love is playing the keyboards.