Dodgry Newell
Senior Manager - Customer Experience

“Every task in life requires effort on the part of the person that is called to perform it.”    Dodgry G. Newell  

Dodgry is our senior manager for customer experience. He unreservedly embraces the fact that businesses are driven by customer engagements and relationships. This passion, he applies to the world of work; empathizing with customers, helping to find solutions, and resolving their business challenges.

He is an avid keyboard player, a minister of religion, and an international public speaker. Outside of the mesmerizing notes he plays on the keyboard, his dedication to creating value that delights customers, brings music to the ears and hearts of hundreds of businesses who are seeking to find a strategic business partner or advisor. He goes at length to ensure that they are provided with best-of-its-kind experiences.

We make it our mission to not just meet but exceed customer expectations, approaching all our relationships strategically. We ensure that we are not just leaving your experience to chance but empowering you to achieve your goals and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship through thorough, deliberate design. For MC Systems, customer experience is our culture, not just a department.

Dodgry G. Newell

For Dodgry, business isn’t simply work, it is a passion; one that led to qualifications including an MBA in International Business, a Bachelor’s in Business Professional Management and Certifications in Audit Command Language (ACL).  His educational background gives him a keen understanding of various areas of business, enabling him to successfully maneuver customer challenges.

In his capacity, Dodgry manages, monitors and strives to exceed customer expectations, tracking their progress through interactions at key touch points along the customer journey.

With over 10 years’ experience at MC Systems, Dodgry has led the charge in various departments. With his extensive knowledge of the industry, expertise, enthusiasm, and leadership capabilities, he is an invaluable member of the MC Systems family.

His philosophy is that every task in life requires effort on the part of the person that is called to perform it.