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What's Trending // March 11, 2019
Leave Behind a Positive Digital Footprint

Kathryn Chin See, business development and research analyst at MC Systems, explains what a digital footprint is: “Think of your digital footprint as a trail of patty crumbs, or dirty footprints across your mother’s freshly mopped terrazzo floors. Your digital footprint is a data trace of where we have been and what we’ve done in the digital space. It encompasses the websites you’ve visited, your social media activities, your email composition and distribution.”

What's Trending // February 21, 2019
Protecting Your Digital Identity is Paramount

Digital identity theft is on the rise and occurs in every industry with an online presence. An infamous case of identity theft affected social media giant, Facebook following the revelation that hackers accessed data of some 30 million users late last year. Local experts in technology say that securing one’s digital identity is imperative.

What's Trending // February 19, 2019
Academia Supports Upgrading Regulations for Net Neutrality

Nicholas Lawrence, senior software engineer at Management Control Systems (MC Systems) argued that the market will provide adequate adjustment in a competitive environment; and that there is no need for legislation currently.

What's Trending // February 15, 2019
On-line Transactions. Be Vigilant. Be Aware of Cyber Attacks

Mr. Burgess said the attackers disguise themselves as a trustworthy friend, or entity to acquire sensitive information, typically through email or other online messaging. This is the most successful form of acquiring confidential information on the internet, accounting for 91 per cent of attacks.

What's Trending // February 15, 2019
Jamaica Not Fully Leveraging Internet for Advancement

Despite having more than half the population having access to the internet, Jamaica is not fully leveraging its access for economic and social development, according to Professor of Management Information Systems at the University of Technology, Jamaica, Dr Paul Golding, and may need intervention to encourage more sophisticated use.

Blog // February 04, 2019
Blockchain Technology, Validating more than just Money

A consequence of having a ton of access to information is that people don’t always know if they can trust the information that they receive. Businesses, on the other hand, do not have that luxury, they have to know that they can trust the data they get. This is especially so for cross-border financial services entities, such as banks and insurance firms.

What's Trending // January 09, 2019
Cashless Spending… becoming a trend

“We have had the convenience of ATMs for a while now and we have been seeing an increase in the use of direct deposit payments, and for the last few years the mobile money solutions have expanded the range of options that have benefited both the merchants and customers, alike,” explained Mr Sinclair.

What's Trending // January 09, 2019
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a Tech Trend in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the emerging science, which enables machines to simulate human ability and intelligence. Machine Learning is a branch, or subset of AI which is about training a machine to learn by looking for patterns in data and drawing accurate conclusions. AI really began its mainstream emergence during the past few years. Consequently,…

What's Trending // January 07, 2019
The Internet makes for Better Business and Happier People

Since 1983, when researchers started developing the “network of networks,” which later became the internet as we know it today, the world has been on a wave of perpetual change.

Events // December 05, 2018
MC Systems is ready to take all Credit Unions to the next level!

MC Systems is ready to support all Credit Unions seeking to enhance their operations by incorporating more technology based solutions into their business systems.