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What's Trending // January 16, 2020
Technology Trends For 2020

Local information and communications technology (ICT) experts state that 2020 is poised to become a breakthrough year, as several leading or new technology trends will impact the lives of Jamaicans and citizens around the world.

What's Trending // December 19, 2019
Are you making the most of your Payroll data?

Commercial Manager for Payroll, Chad Gordon at MC Systems says companies can use the payroll data to analyse whether salaries, commissions, bonuses, and so on are stacking up to the productivity levels anticipated by the business.

What's Trending // December 19, 2019
Digital transformation: Where can Jamaica go from here?

“Digital transformation can and will happen at varying paces with varying levels of success. Consequently, it will look different from organisation to organisation,” General Manager of MC Systems, Dwayne Russell explained.

Events // December 18, 2019
MC Systems & HP Enterprise (HPE) partnered to deliver great tech for the best value!

MC Systems & HP Enterprise (HPE) partnered to present Transformed IT: The New Era of Innovation, aimed at delivering great tech for the best value.

What's Trending // November 15, 2019
Increasing Business Efficiency with Robotic Process Automation

Research Analyst for Innovation at MC Systems, Kathryn Chin See, says many tasks can be automated through digital technology using computer software known as robotic process automation.

What's Trending // October 31, 2019
Farmers Receptive as RADA Plants Seeds of New Technology Practices

“To walk an 80-acre farm is not an easy task, but when we use the drones, they are able to give us a clear enough video evidence of what is happening with the farm,” RADA’s Drone Unit Manager Hartnell Campbell explained.

What's Trending // October 03, 2019
Planting High-Tech Seeds Of Change Farmers Urged To Utilise More Technology To Boost Yields & Income

“We are nowhere near where we can be in terms of technology use as only the richer farmers are able to access the necessary technology, while the poorer farmers continue to use traditional methods,” Henry Osborne observed.

What's Trending // October 02, 2019
Growth & Jobs | Business Students ‘Level Up’ To Digital Transformation

Dwayne Russell, General Manager of MC Systems and a guest lecturer on the topic, said digital transformation can create tremendous value to businesses.

What's Trending // September 30, 2019
MC Systems Awards Scholarships to UWI Students

“I feel extremely honoured and appreciated being a recipient of this MC Systems scholarship.  It has made a significant impact on my financial well-being,” an elated Ashray Soares said.

What's Trending // September 23, 2019
Experts Call For New and Innovative Ways in Education to Prepare the Workforce for ‘Industry 5.0’

“The processes of preparing Jamaicans for this new environment should start at the basic, primary and secondary stages of schooling, with an introduction to content such as non-traditional languages, basic computer programming, digital literacy and experimentation with robotics,” Professor Hopeton Dunn suggested.