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News // July 17, 2019
Payroll in the Cloud delivers security, convenience and efficiency

Chad Gordon, Commercial Manager – Payroll Solutions at MC Systems noted that the ‘pros’ far outweigh the ‘cons’.

News // July 12, 2019
Jamaicans In A Fast-Paced Online World

“I am a big believer that our emerging #DigitalCaribbean must be created by us to the world, not fed to us by the world,” says Jamaican Tech Guru, Ingrid Riley.

News // June 26, 2019
ICT Authority will Improve Efficiency of Government Entities

Individual persons will experience shorter waiting times, and they will no longer need to visit multiple agencies to perform a single transaction.

News // June 03, 2019
Digital Parenting: Families can Learn Together

“You can install automated parenting software, so that if your child is accessing age inappropriate sites, it will send you an alert,” says IT Infrastructure Manager, Collin Burgess.

News // May 17, 2019
Smart Cities Will Ease Traffic and Spur Economic Growth

Salomie Lyle-Scott, Senior Project Manager at MC Systems, the technology company, said that smart cities would ease traffic congestion.

News // May 03, 2019
Smart City – Is it a Pipe Dream for Jamaica?

Last year, the government of Jamaica committed to establishing the country’s first “smart city.”

News // April 23, 2019
MSME Urged to Embrace Digital Transformation

Dwayne Russell, general manager, MC Systems, urge MSMEs to embrace digital transformation to become more competitive.

What's Trending // April 11, 2019
Moving the Needle on Net Neutrality

“Net neutrality promotes technology innovations that are often generated by small businesses.”

What's Trending // March 11, 2019
Leave Behind a Positive Digital Footprint

Kathryn Chin See, Business Development and Research Analyst at MC Systems, explains what a digital footprint is: “Think of your digital footprint as a trail of patty crumbs, or dirty footprints across your mother’s freshly mopped terrazzo floors. Your digital footprint is a data trace of where we have been and what we’ve done in the digital space. It encompasses the websites you’ve visited, your social media activities, your email composition and distribution.”

What's Trending // February 21, 2019
Protecting Your Digital Identity is Paramount

Digital identity theft is on the rise and occurs in every industry with an online presence. An infamous case of identity theft affected social media giant, Facebook following the revelation that hackers accessed data of some 30 million users late last year. Local experts in technology say that securing one’s digital identity is imperative.