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Use Super Apps to Support Financial Inclusion

Investing in super apps can support financial inclusion, promote transparency and accountability, enhance tax collection, as well as enable companies, large and small, to increase their global reach, says Strycen Williams, Product Manager, MC Systems. Ms. Williams says super apps are better than mobile wallets because they allow for digital payments while offering services such…

Better Fintech Education Needed to Encourage Financial Inclusion

Dmitri Dawkins, commercial director for Phoenix International, a division of MC Systems, wants the financial industry to better educate consumers about the benefits of fintech to build trust and encourage participation in the formal financial system. Mr Dawkins said while Jamaica has “fantastic technology available” especially with the automated teller machines (ATMs) and other fintech…

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Generative AI Will Help Organisations, Employees, Not Replace Them – IT Experts

Generative artificial intelligence, such as Chat GPT, Bard and Dall-E, should not be feared, but embraced because they will improve efficiency rather than replace humans in the job market, technology experts say. Since the launch of Chat GPT in November last year, there has been speculation on online fora, such as Reddit, that generative AI…

Technology Can be Used to Boost Staff Morale

Business leaders can leverage technology to boost morale and productivity in workplace teams says Kathryn Chin See, manager, research and innovation at MC Systems. Miss Chin See opines that investment in technology solutions for workforce management enables leaders to track trends that could potentially affect morale and implement changes to improve satisfaction among teams. She…

Invest to Protect Your Network, Data – Cyber Security Analyst

Companies should invest in ethical hacking, as part of their security lifecycle for applications, systems and network resources, says Jamaica National Group cyber security analyst, Garfield Rodriquez. Mr. Rodriquez opines that when it comes to ethical hacking, penetration testing, attestation, vulnerability & risk assessments and patching all play a crucial role in the company’s cyber…

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Digital Transformation in HRM: Is it the death of paper?

Paper processes hinder productivity and increase cost

Safeguarding customer data boosts confidence in business

Afford customers greater peace of mind

The Rise of Regulations: Safeguarding Customer Data Could Boost Confidence in Business!

Take a moment to remember all the information you have exchanged online… (your home address, your contact information, credit card and transaction details). What if there was a breach and your data got exposed? Who would be held accountable? Beyond your home network, you trust organisations with your data so that they can provide a…

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Banking innovation: Key to improving financial well-being

Lower the barrier for financial adoption and inclusion.

What's Trending
The future of work is flipped: New focus on flexibility & culture

Enhance employee experience with meaningful benefits