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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide businesses with agile, yet robust security

Reduce your exposure to cyber attacks

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Embracing Technology – A Strategic Imperative for Survival

Tech supercharge business continuity, resiliency and growth.

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Innovation is the Driver of Evolution

Stimulus to remain ahead of the game.

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Data Sovereignty Matters to Your Business Continuity Plan

Typically, wherever a cloud facility is physically located, it has to abide by the laws of that nation. These laws are put in place to protect one’s data from being wrongfully accessed, modified or shared.

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Protect Your Data with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Ensures that businesses can return to normalcy faster after a disaster.

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Technology: The Catalyst for a Sustainable Future Through Export

A technology enabled system promotes savings in time, money and a reduction in bureaucracy.

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Businesses Urged to Embrace Digital Payroll

Benefit from cost savings, efficiencies, security and being compliant.

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Digital Currency: A Game Changer for the Jamaican Economy

It reduces the cost of transactions, does not incur any storage cost, there is minimal risk and it is easy to transact.

MC Systems Acquires Phoenix International to Transform Finance in the Caribbean, LATAM and Africa

In a deal set to power a new financial landscape, MC Systems, the technology member company of The Jamaica National Group, has acquired Phoenix International, a world leading core banking platform, to enhance their suite of financial services in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

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Agile Services Delivery encourages a high-performance culture

Agile is flexible and responsive; it facilitates speed to market, rapid feedback and accommodates continuous improvements.