Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a Tech Trend in 2019
Tamique Hines Software Development Manager
Tamique Hines Software Development Manager

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the emerging science, which enables machines to simulate human ability and intelligence. Machine Learning is a branch, or subset of AI which is about training a machine to learn by looking for patterns in data and drawing accurate conclusions. AI really began its mainstream emergence during the past few years. Consequently, innovations such as: the self-driving Google car; recommendation services from Amazon and Netflix, are all possible, based on AI; and, in particular, Machine Learning.

The potential for AI globally is still, for the most part, untapped.  There are ongoing research and pilots about the use of AI across numerous sectors. Local companies and organisations can gain competitive advantages by using AI to provide customized products and services. Tremendous gains can also be achieved by automating some manual processes, which will allow more employees to be engaged creatively and strategically.

One example is the use of smart “chatbots,” as virtual customer support consultants, which would reduce the load on the company’s Call Centre. There are many other local Machine Learning use cases, including: fuelling the credit score mechanism, health care fraud detection, enhancing security and threat detection.

US based research and advisory firm, GARTNER, predicts that: all software will use AI at some level, within a few years. To enhance efficiencies in local businesses, more Jamaican companies are currently exploring how AI can be used to increase their productivity.”

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