Companies Could Lose Millions from Downtime

Research shows that a business could lose millions of dollars for a single hour of Information Technology (IT) downtime, due to inadequate infrastructure. But, according to MC Systems, the technology company of The Jamaica National Group, this loss can be mitigated, if companies correctly prioritized the importance of investing in appropriate infrastructure. Downtime refers to a period, which a computer or system is not functional due to technical failure.

“As businesses and government entities embrace the reality that we all need to digitally transform our operations, the role of IT infrastructure services within our organisations come into sharper focus,” said Colin McGann, AGM of innovation at MC Systems. He was referencing the consulting firm, Garner, which underscored the value of IT infrastructure to a business.

Customer expectations have also changed, and as such, requires businesses to adjust to meet their customers’ needs. IT infrastructure is the key to assisting businesses manage these changes and this trend will continue.

Turning to the millions of dollars that can be lost in IT downtime, Mr. McGann stated that there is an urgent need for companies to prioritize in upgrading their infrastructure, because by not doing so, and not doing it right, could result in significant losses to the business.

It cannot be underscored enough that digital transformation is necessary as every industry is now connected. Industries engaged in science, health care, manufacturing, among others are connecting their information. In order to move the system at optimum speed to achieve digital transformation, training is required.

As businesses become more and more shaped by digital transformation, business leaders will re-think what happens to the organisation as it relates to business continuity, wireless connectivity and overall experience that impact staff and customers alike.

If you are a CEO, CIO, CTO,  Head of IT, IT Manager and Administrator looking to optimise terabytes of data in minutes and revolutionalise connectivity as well as achieve:

  • reduction in man-hours and related costs
  • reduction in IT infrastructure and licensing spend
  • reduced Data Centre Real Estate Space
  • redirection of resources to other value-added initiatives
  • insight from location-based marketing analytics

MC Systems is here to assist. Please get in touch to start the conversation.

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