Digitally transform your SME business
Going digital: A gateway to better SME customer experience

With all the necessary changes business have undergone to retool and recalibrate in an ever-shifting global economy, the discussion has begun to focus on the digital aspects of designing and delivering products and services.

Still, there remains some confusion in some industries about the difference between digitisation and digitalisation, and how same might practically apply to their businesses. According to Business Dictionary, digitisation refers to the process of transforming information from its analogue form to the digital so that it can be stored and accessed through appropriate devices and networks. Digitalisation on the other hand refers to the ways in which businesses incorporate digital technologies to transform core operations, communications, product delivery and customer experiences while generating additional digital revenue.

In other words, digitisation is the process of converting data to digital formats, while digitalisation is about maximizing the power of the digital spaces for every element of business, from operations to income streams and beyond.

In the current economic climate, businesses are prioritising the customer experience with the expectation that loyalty will lead to sales, and the preservation of income. This includes enhancing customer communications and expanding products and services into digital spaces.

For every tech-based solution, there will be a spectrum of complexity and affordability so that businesses of every size can identify a solution that works for their scope and budget. If an improved customer experience is the goal, then there are some key considerations to take into account:


There are affordable, accessible ways to leveraging online tools to create anytime, anywhere access to your business. This can strengthen both your internal processes and customers’ experiences. In addition to the apps designed to keep team members in constant contact, and the platforms that help you connect to your customers, there are also options like database management. This helps you keep track of customer interactions for a caring, customised experience covering customer birthdays to previous order preferences.


Your business relies on certain key processes that are vital but tedious and time-consuming, largely revolving around managing the financial aspects like invoicing and billing. These activities can be automated to grant you the time you need to focus on business-building endeavours.


Key data like customer information, financials and other business intel is sensitive whether it is stored physically or digitally. However, an increased digital presence demands commensurate attention to data security. This refers not just to software and hardware designed to increase protection, but also to behaviours that can increase vulnerability. Get informed and then comply with recommended modifications to behaviour, software and equipment.


Social Media is not just useful for setting up a digital shopfront. There is very useful data that can be gathered from conversing with your customers. Interact with your social media pages consistently to share more about your company while using comments, queries and complaints to inform what adjustments you might need to make to your business to better serve your customers.


There are many considerations when shifting a business to more digital operations. Ensure that you have the right team in place to sustain the move, from data analytics to digital marketing and software development. MC Systems is one such partner with the experience to help businesses thrive in the tech and digital spaces. Let us analyse your needs and develop the solutions that accelerate your next phase of growth.

If you are considering digitalising your products and services, seek a strategic partner to help you analyse your business needs and develop the roadmap forward. MC Systems, as your tech support partner, stands ready to help you plan your next digital steps.

MC Systems is here with you as your support technology partner. Let’s start the conversation. Contact us | 876 552-8124 | 876 564-2231

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