MC Systems & HP Enterprise (HPE) partnered to deliver great tech for the best value!

MC Systems & HP Enterprise (HPE) partnered to present Transformed IT: The New Era of Innovation, aimed at delivering great tech for the best value to CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, Heads of IT, IT Managers and Administrators who are looking at optimising terabytes of data in minutes and revolutionalise connectivity.

As businesses become more and more shaped by digital transformation, business leaders will re-think what happens to the organisation as it relates to business continuity, wireless connectivity and overall experience that impact staff and customers alike.

At the event, MC Systems and HPE demonstrated how businesses can achieve

  • reduction in man-hours and related costs
  • reduction in IT infrastructure and licensing spend
  • reduced Data Centre Real Estate Space
  • redirection of resources to other value-added initiatives
  • insight from location-based marketing analytics

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