It pays to be in the Cloud
Now is the time to put your payroll in the Cloud

With remote work now in full effect in Jamaica, business leaders are no doubt reimagining their operations to ensure it is fit for purpose. That’s why now is the perfect time for businesses to implement Cloud-based payroll solutions.

Some of the obvious benefits of this move include: disaster-proof uninterrupted availability to the payroll systems with only the need of internet access – counting data on a mobile device; lower start up costs with the need for on-premise servers eliminated; lower operating costs since there is no need to have in-house expertise for the up-keep of the system and, depending on the provider, up-to-date compliance with Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) payroll calculations.

Right now, businesses with an on premise solution that they wish to move to the Cloud immediately will have to deal with some migration considerations as part of the plan. But a good payroll service provider will offer a roadmap that delivers such a solution quickly and cost efficiently so that no payroll run is missed and employees are supported during this time of social distancing, quarantine and curfews.

A cloud-based payroll solution, with its anytime, anywhere capabilities, is very useful at a time when employee working hours are dynamic and, for some sectors, more workers need to be onboarded right away.

Chad Gordon, Commercial Manager, Payroll Solutions, MC Systems explains that “the ideal payroll solution provides employers with immediate insight into the full cost of the new hires, where applicable, while giving business leaders confidence that since it’s in the Cloud its calculations are always tax compliant.”

Security is another major assurance business leaders can bank on with this solution. Having to quickly move an operation where all the staff would come to the plant to now having a distributed workforce brings the understandable concern about the protection of the systems from unwelcome breaches. The great thing is that payroll in the Cloud solutions tend to have security protocols that are far superior to the typical company’s IT Infrastructure security.

“Companies making a choice about a Cloud-based payroll service provider should ensure the one they choose has the type of security that protects their data, the access portal and one that has robust disaster recovery procedures to protect against a range of disruptions,” Gordon advises.

Companies that are ready to make the move should also consider the following questions to ensure they select the right provider:

  1. What type of redundancy is in place (if any) to mitigate the effects of system disruptions – natural disasters, power outages or internet downtime?
  2. Where is the data stored?
  3. Who has access to the system and data?
  4. Will there be any system downtime during working hours for system maintenance?
  5. Do you have a documented change management process to install system updates?

A Payroll Loan App for staff

A very helpful payroll-related offering that especially benefits staff is an app-based “payroll loan service.” In 2018 MC Systems launched an app that makes it possible for employees to get loans within minutes, by submitting a request in an app from the privacy of “anywhere” they may be. The BizPay Cash App uses the employee’s payroll data, along with predetermined credentials agreed by the employer and empowers the employee to access emergency funds ahead of a pay day cycle. In these uncertain times such a solution delivers on convenience, speed and security.

If businesses are up and running, then people are working. A Cloud-based payroll solution stays on the job with accurate tax-compliant calculations that are convenient and safe whenever and wherever it’s needed. And right now the company can bolt-on a convenient payroll loan app to give the employees an extra hand.

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