Tech for Budgeting
Using Tech to manage your finances

Money. Everyone wants more of it, but are we taking care of the money we do have?

Many people view budgets as squashing all the ‘fun’ out of the month. In reality, a budget is just a way to prioritize where you put every part of your paycheck. Whether you’re budgeting as an individual, a couple, a family or even a solopreneur/ small business…there’s tech for that.




Budgeting is like a muscle that you have to develop. Wally understands that and is designed to walk alongside budgeters of every level, from brand-new to boss-level. It’s intuitive and easy, even helping you keep track of expenses via photos instead of manual entry. Need another incentive? It’s FREE. Head to Wally app and boost your budgeting skills today.




One hand can’t clap. So goes the great Jamaican proverb. If you’re part of a couple trying to coordinate saving, spending and budgeting styles, this app might be for you. With a free version, and an upgraded monthly option, GoodBudget digitally assigns funds to specific “envelopes “ or obligations and helps you keep track of spending. GoodBudget will let you know when you’ve overspent an envelope and what the other envelopes look like. The best part? The budget is synced between you and your partner so that you can both monitor your money. Available for  Android, or iPhone.


You Need A Budget


Every Jamaican has heard about the great Milo Tin savings plan- where our ancestors would secret away money in an old tin that they’d stash somewhere for safekeeping as a “cushion” for the hardt times. You Need A Budget (or “YNAB”) believes in building a pattern of budgeting that creates an ever-growing cushion that lifts families out of debt and keeps them thriving. If that sounds good, then dig deep and invest in this platform. YNAB makes it easy to assign every dollar to a line item, including bills, groceries, debt, general savings and even things like family vacations, or upcoming insurance premiums.

There is a free trial period then it’s US$11.99 monthly or US$84 annually. If you’re looking for the total family financial package, this one is it.




A big part of actually making money through your business is figuring out how to track your work and monitor outstanding invoices from clients. Bookipi is a great business resource for the hustler, solopreneur and small business owner. It allows you to not only develop business budgets, it can also track your expenses/receipts from gas, toll, mileage and things you need to sustain your business with the click of a camera. It helps you design, send and track invoices, and provides overviews for the week, month and year- or even by client- so that you always know how your business is doing, and what you need to do next. Available as a desktop app, a mobile app and a website, Bookipi is a business-beginner’s best friend- and it’s FREE! Get your business budget right with Bookipi today.



Experts say it takes about 6 months to fully figure out budgeting, and for the benefits to kick in. Whatever the method you choose, try to give yourselves at least that long to get it right. Money management is a gift that keeps on giving.

Invest in yourself. You’ll appreciate every second and every cent.

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