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With the rapid increase in the number of remote offices and workspaces, several businesses are challenged with providing an ideal staff experience while driving operational efficiency. Companies now find themselves struggling to discover best-fit tools and technologies to elevate the standard of positive experiences for employees, while they face the challenge of remaining resilient through disruption.

Bridge the gap to productivity! With our workforce solutions you have the freedom to collaborate, compensate or coordinate from anywhere, empowering you to foster a more productive environment.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Our HRM utilizes pioneering technologies to assist you to efficiently support your team, remotely and in office. Enjoy the ease of having benefits such as an advanced performance tracking, an employee self-service portal and app for leave application and tracking as well as automated letter generation for onboarding and renewals. T&A can be submitted on the system or via an app. As an added benefit, our HRM Solution was crafted to easily integrate with BizPay Payroll, providing ease-of-access and centralization of employee data.


Our online platform uses automation to improve the productivity of SMEs and large enterprises. The  system is designed for processing your payroll end-to-end from anywhere, anytime, payments of taxes and other deductions while ensuring compliance. By utilizing this solution your business will be able to generate bank upload files for your employees’ net pay (for any of the major banks), automate emailing of pay slips to employees and manage multiple companies and payrolls from one user account.

Payroll Outsourcing

With our Payroll Bureau outsourcing service, get the opportunity to have your payroll accurately and efficiently taken care of by our professionals, leaving you with the time and resources to focus on other key areas of your business. With this solution you no longer have to worry about incorrect tax calculations, adhering to TAJ policies and procedures, keeping up with changes in tax laws, tedious paperwork or payroll related overheads!

Automated Staff Loans

Provide 24/7 staff automated loan and deduction processing within minutes using a mobile app. Benefit from reduced administrative and operational expenses as well as enhanced employee experience.

Your employees are the keystone of your organization!

Connect with us to support your people, optimize your processes and expedite your business growth.

P.E.A.K your Payroll
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