Worried about how to monitor additional payments to staff such as overtime, missing tax payments or miscalculating employee contributions; for which the consequences can be unhappy employees, overpayments and loss of profits. With MC Systems, Payroll is one less thing to worry about.
40+ Years experience in delivering Payroll solutions
1st Online payroll application in Jamaica
Payroll Bureau Services
  • End to end payroll processing options, with payroll data entry and processing
  • Preparation of monthly statutory deductions
  • Bank upload files for net pay
  • Preparation of periodic and year-end reports

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BizPay Cash

Employees sometimes need emergency funds.  The ability to approve and issue funds in near-real time is a challenge faced by Employers.

MC Systems is revolutionising the loan market with the first mobile loan app which is an automated solution.

  • Salary advance and pay day loans can be processed automatically
  • Improve the speed at which loans are processed
  • Reduce administration and operational overheads
  • Greater efficiency in the Payroll and HR Departments
  • Multi-channels access to submit loans or cash advances via mobile app and web portals
  • Access the solution 24/7 anytime and anywhere to view real-time updates and reports
  • Specifications can be customised such as number of loans that can be taken and percentage of net pay which can be borrowed
  • Delivers a seamless and personal transaction between the employers and their staff

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BizPay Central

For small and medium-sized enterprises

A secure internet based payroll processing service that allows you to enter all relevant data for your employees, process your periodic payrolls and also to view and print your pay-slips and reports all via your internet web browser.

  • Award winning solution
  • Accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Affordable, yet accurate method of processing payroll
  • Access to payroll support expertise of MC Systems
  • Automatic tax calculation and feature updates
  • No computer hardware purchase or provisioning required
  • No data backup worries

BizPay Central portal
Payroll Product Comparison

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BizPay Enterprise

Designed for larger organisations. Available On Premise & In The Cloud

  • Multiple runs with a period
  • Unlimited years of history
  • General ledger interface
  • Emailed payslips
  • Mass employee upload
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple pension schemes to accommodate company & individual schemes
  • Gratuity reporting for government entities
  • Seamless integration with your HR system
  • Ad hoc reporting tool

BizPay Enterprise Cloud

  • Robust and scalable
  • Cost less
  • Business continuity – keep the business going during an emergency or a disaster
  • Very secure
  • Less down time
  • Disaster Recovery – quick resumption of your mission critical functions following a disaster
  • Responsive
  • Expertise
  • Support

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Payroll Audit

This solution will improve your ability to identify, analyze and remediate anomalies associated with conducting payroll audits. This is achieved by using an integrated, convenient, user-driven exception reporting software system to identify your payroll’s anomalies

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The successor to our COBOL-based payroll system and the precursor to BizPay, PowerPay was our first Windows-based payroll system.

PowerPay Support End Dates:

  • General PowerPay support end date – December 31, 2018
  • PowerPay Maintenance Agreement client support end date – December 31, 2019