Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Conference 2017

Fraud Analytics as an avenue to clamp down on tech-savvy fraudsters, inside and outside of your organization.

MC Systems Fraud Analytics is the “new revolution” in strategic data analytics for revenue protection and operational efficiency, using technology in winning the battle against fraud.

“While technology has played a role in increasing the opportunities for fraudsters to con people as well as businesses, our response in using Fraud Analytics is to show that technology can be part of the solution to this issue,” explained Dodgry Newell, MC Systems commercial manager responsible for Audit & Analytics. Newell was speaking at the Institute of Internal Auditors’ Conference 2017, where he told the audience that fraud could be taking place at their respective organizations but they could not see it; which is something that MC Systems Auditing solution addresses, directly, through elements such as x-rays and timely alerts.

“The platform also provides an efficient workflow to automate the assignment, review, and remediation of red flags, while also tracking investigation status to strengthen performance and reduce fraud, waste and abuse,” he explained further.

For over 39 years, MC Systems has paved the way forward in the information and communication technology arena and the company continues to distinguish itself with its latest technological advances in fraud analytics.

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