Software Development

Whether creating new products or designing customised systems, our software development solutions are the building blocks to help your business succeed. This is done by delivering systems that provide added value and competitive advantage for your business.

40+ Years experience
1st Web based transfer system with card
60+ Projects since inception
5 Microsoft Cloud certified developers
“MC Systems helped us develop several firsts; cash deposit, cash recycling and card-less transactions at the ATMs, giving us that competitive edge.” Ricardo Dystant, Chief – Channels, JN Bank

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integrated, centralized, data driven solutions designed to have a 360 degree view of your customers. It manages and maintains customer relationships and tracks marketing, sales and services engagements in order to gain insights across the customer life cycle. It uses analytics to predict trends and outcomes before they become issues – all of this in one place.

  • Increase your profitability in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. Otherwise you may miss growth opportunities and lose revenue because you’re not maximizing your business relationships.
  • Increase your sales leads by sorting your data and giving your team real prospects
  • Tap into actionable date. See immediately the benefits of centralizing customers’ information for access by Marketing, Sales & Operations on any device, anywhere. You can track sales opportunities, identify customers buying patterns and behaviors, cross sell and upsell.
  • Increase efficiency with a single data source, departments are able to deal with customers quickly and with the most relevant information
  • Create better customer experiences. Take a more proactive approach to Marketing & Sales by anticipating and meeting customer needs. Improve customer experiences across all channels, whether web, social, email, phone or in store.
  • Communicate better by responding to customers in a timely manner; and communicate among departments more efficiently.
  • Make the right business decisions by keeping track of trends and customer needs.
  • Increase data security with all your information in one secure location, there’s less chance of leaked data.
  • Drive business forward. Align Marketing & Sales activities to extract more customer value. Sell faster and more efficiently, while creating and measuring ROI.
  • Win faster by working smarter. Your company can be more productive by collaborating through sales management software that allows for automating process and innovating with new business models.

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Enterprise Applications

eMoney is an internet based money transfer system currently in use in Jamaica, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Grand Cayman. The platform facilitates the remitting of funds across selected markets, enabling real time processing of person to person transfers, transfers to Jamaican bank accounts, transfers to Jamaican billers. A key component of this platform is the Money Transfer Card which allows the transfer of funds to a card that can be used to retrieve funds at a Local ATMs or for use at Merchants’ POS terminals.

Money Transfer website is an online portal that allows customers to send remittances from the website using their debit or credit cards. The website allows a customer to remit funds to their loved ones from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with an internet connection. There is no need to find the nearest JN Money Services agent or walk in branch, wait in a line for an available agent to process your remittance. The website is fast, convenient and secure.

Teller application provides a central interface for its tellers to process all the various transactions type they supported as opposed to using several different systems for banking, bill payment, remittances and wire transfers. Central to the creation of this single teller interface was the adoption of a service oriented architecture (SOA) to expose services that could be utilized by the teller application as well as other solutions such as online banking platforms. Examples of a few modules and reusable services on this platform include:

  • RTGS, ACH and Wire transfers
  • Interface for customers/accounts document and images management
  • Current account processing.

This can result in immense flexibility to quickly introduce new products and services.

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Mobile Applications

BizPay Cash

Employees sometimes need emergency funds. However, the loan process is often a tedious and manual one, and it takes days for approval, despite the urgency. The ability to approve and issue funds in near-real time is a challenge faced by Employers. Those who offer these facilities are faced with operational overheads for the approval and administration of said loans.

MC Systems is revolutionising the loan market with the first mobile loan app which is an automated solution. Click here for details.


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Payment Solutions

POS Applications

  • Soft Pay is an application which accepts Credit/Debit card payments. The main benefit of SoftPay is that it supports major card brands such as MasterCard, VISA, Discover, AMEX, Union Pay International and local brands such as KeyCard and Multilink.
  • The ADVANCE Fleet Management is deployed at most gas stations across the island. The system allows corporations to issue vehicle fleet cards to employees for use at service stations to purchase goods and services. A VeriFone POS terminal is used for card swipes and receipt printing as well as to enter the additional data required for statistical analysis of the corporation’s vehicle fleet.
  • Health Electronic Benefit Transfer (HEBT) is an online electronic health insurance claim system. Customer cards are swiped on a POS terminal and the insurance claim is validated and adjudicated based on available data and business rules. It was the first system of this nature to be successfully implemented by a local insurance company.
  • ATM Value added services
    • Card less ATM deposits


Built for businesses with mobile workforces, this powerful solution, is ready to enable your business to accept card payments from the showroom floor to your sales and delivery routes. Click here for details

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Payroll Solution

BizPay Central – The solution is the first online payroll application to be created in Jamaica. This award winning solution is a secured internet based payroll processing service, which allows for the entry of all relevant employee data, periodic payroll processing, and viewing/printing of pay-slips and other essential reports. Click here for more information


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