Digital Transformation Applies to Everyone
Digital Transformation – The Jamaican Case

In this podcast by MC Systems, host, Kalando Wilmoth, explores Digital Transformation – The Jamaican Case with Kathryn Chin See, Lead Research Analyst in Innovation at MC Systems.

Digital Transformation applies to everyone – business, government, education, and day to day life. It’s essentially accomplishing tasks or processes in the most effective way using technology to be efficient and create more value.  Data, people, and process are strong drivers in digital transformation. And, in the Jamaican context, a business can use data to revolutionize how it functions as a business. For example, MC Systems developed a staff loan solution – BizPay Cash – to improve how they handle payroll loan processes.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • What is Digital Transformation
  • How Digital Transformation applies to the Jamaican Context
  • Challenges to Digital Transformation in the Jamaican Context
  • How MC Systems has revolutionized their payday loan systems using data
  • How data can be used to improve how businesses serve their staff
  • How the Jamaican business can become a digitally transformed business
  • Data, Process & People in the Digital Transformation Process
  • Identifying the digital transformation process for your business.

Digital Transformation can be an overwhelming process but MC Systems, the game changers in business technology can help! Connect with MC Systems on LinkedIn @management-control-systems-limited/ or Instagram mcsystemsltd/

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